Gender: Male

Species: Hedgehog

Alignment: Good/ Anti-Villain


Physically: 15

Chronologically: 50


Wight is the only one out of the anti trio to have his current appearance from the start, being genetically engineered as such. He has snowy white fur with blue markings on his quills, as well as blue markings on his arms and legs, with the markings on his arm covering his middle finger. He has six quills with the two middle ones sticking down and the ones on the left and right sticking up. He has black chest fur that seems to go wild everywhere, also it resembles an x. The sclera of his eyes are black, his irises are blue, and his pupils are white.

He wears shoes similar to Shadow's though everything is reversed. He also wears a pair of black gloves with yellow lines running down the fingers. It can also be noted that the four rings on the cuffs of his gloves and shoes are meant to keep his massive power under control so as to prevent himself from being destroyed by it.


Wight serves as the ego and conscience of the anti-trio, often acting as the one who keeps them in check. Despite the constant stress of having to keep the under control Wight always finds time to be a kind caring person, willing to make friends. Though he carries a strong mistrust of humans and would prefer to spend his time in the company of mobians, or otherwise. He also carries little memory of his genetic base and seeks to find whomever they are.

He is also somewhat gullible, as Cinash and Revold managed to trick him into joining their group with the promise of helping him find his co-creator.