Gender: Female

R. Interest: 

Species: Vampire/Bat



Physically: In her early thirties


Vira has a pale tan muzzle with no tinges of fuzz on either cheek, this fur color extends to her arms and ears, but not to her chest. The rest of her body is covered by a pale red fur, bright enough to be considered a dark pink. Her hair reaches down to her shoulders, and she has wild and choppy bangs. The sclera of her eyes are glossy white, with her irises being blue and her pupils being black. 

Vira wears a black shirt with a red x on the sleeves, a pair of grey pants with rips at the end of the legs, and a pair of dark blue sneakers. 

She also has a slight immunity to the sun, only getting sunburns if she stays too long without an extra cover of protection.

Personality Edit

In the years she's been alive, Vira has learned to keep her cool during any situation. She rarely ever blows her top and tries to keep any sort of anger she has in check. However, being a vampire she is well aware of her survival by drinking the blood of any living organism. For her to do this, she will often attempt to seduce anyone she's deemed as a target, getting close enough to bite them and drain some of their blood.

However, Vira is also a bit unsure of herself as she is afraid that one day she might go too far and drain someone of all their blood.