Gender: Female

Age: 19

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

Species: Hedgehog

R. Interest: None, is looking


Adoptive Brother: Morpheus Tenebros

Adoptive Sister: Onychinus Tenebros

Adoptive Mother: Calliya Tenebros

Father Figure: Amarin (Also her teacher)


Violet is quick on her feet.


As her name suggests this girl has violet fur with no markings anywhere on her body. She has a tan muzzle with no hint of fuzz on either of her cheeks, this tan coloring can also be found on her ears and stomach, but not on her arms. She has hair that reaches to her thighs though she ties this up in a pony tail, she also has multiple small bangs that somewhat block her eyes. Speaking of her eyes, the whites of her eyes are a glossy white, she has purple irises, and she has black pupils.

She is most often seen wearing a blue t-shirt with a yinyang symbol on the front. She has a pair of grey pants with a black belt and sometimes wears bracelets on her wrists. She also wears red shoes with a horizontal gold strip running down them. Violet does NOT wear gloves.

On occasion, when she goes swimming, Violet will either wear a white one piece or a white bikini. She will wear sandals, the occasional sunhat, and her trademark bracelets. She can also be seen wearing a black t-shirt to cover up her bikini top.


Violet, like Onychinud has a habit of being very shy and burying her face in a book. However, unlike Onychinus, Violet is far more willing to come out of her shell.


Morpheus Tenebros: Violet's adoptive brother: She and Morpheus met before she was adopted by Calliya, the two had a strong friendship that had developed into something for her, however she hid these feelings for a good while, she hid them so well she forgot about her little crush and had no problem becoming his adoptive sister.  The two get along geat and often practice, and sometimes Violet helps Morpheus in his studies.


Violet was actually made on the sonic character designer, and was pretty much just a purple sonic, until she got an update for her resurrection.

She was also designed to be a troll hunter, til she got redesigned as well.