One of the five Primordials, Thinto is the Primordial of Death. Coming into existence alongside the Primordials of Life and Time from the machinations of the Primordials of Chaos and Order; Thinto governs over the age where mortals pass from the mortal coil. He returns their souls to Chasco. 

Thinto, being the Primordial of Death, cannot truly die and deeply despises wars; due to the fact that more lives then needed are often cut short because of them. To this end, he is often at odds with the Spirit of War, Velaxi.


Gender: None, both sounds and acts masculine.

Age: Countless, having existed as long as Life and Death.

Species: Primordial (One of the oldest)

Purpose: Comes and takes all living beings once their time and life amongst the living comes to an end.


Choronis, Primordial of Time - Fellow Primordial

Vidatsu, Primordial of Life - Fellow Primordial, Sister. She breathes life into the living, and as dictated by Choronis, Thinto cuts the strands.

Contaos, Primordial of Chaos - Fellow Primordial, older than he. Thinto came into existence because of Contaos and Ordon.

Ordon, Primordial of Order - Fellow Primordial, like Contaos, is older than he. Responsible for the creation of Thinto and Choronis.


Thinto can assume many forms, normally appearing as the Grim reaper to the living. Though his real form is somewhat more simplistic. Thinto appears as a large skeletal being, wearing tattered black robes that expose his rib cage. With all that remains of his sleeves being the exit points for hands that now exist only as cuffs. His skull is hollow, with a white blank dot in both sockets to serve as his eyes.

However, when amongst normal humans he changes his form to a pale, black-haired, well groomed young man. He wears a black t-shirt with the Jolly Roger on it, a black hoodie, and a pair of grey pants.


Thinto, being a Primordial, is one of the most powerful beings in all of existence. An ability unique to him, is the 'Touch of Death'; an ability that kills whomever is touched by Thinto when he uses this ability. However, as he prefers for the living to live out their lives to the fullest; he has disabled this ability. To this day, the 'Touch' has not been used; nor can it be activated lest he so choose.

He can shapeshift into many different forms as said above, and is capable of performing incredible physical feats; despite his skeletal appearances.

It would also be worth noting, that as the Primordial of Death; Thinto cannot die; merely incapacitated for long stretches of time. 


Thinto is proficient in swordsmanship, as he uses a blade to sever the connection of mortals to his sister. He also possesses inhuman strength, and can lift things many times his size.