Gender: Female

Species: Alenian/Mink


Alignment: Good/neutral

Romantic Interest: Evan the Mink- Girlfriend

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual, currently in a homosexual relationship




No brothers or sisters that she's aware of


Terina has a tan muzzle with a lack of fuzz, with a grey marking showing her Duskerin citizenship. She has stormy grey fur with a lack of highlights or markings, and a single fringe of fur covers her eye. The whites of her eyes are a glossy white, her irises being a muddy brown, and her pupils being black. However her head with the exclusion of her bang hard to see due to the rain jacket she wears.

Speaking of which, her rain jacket is colored a scarlet red with no extra colorings with a hood. Under that she wears a black tanktop without any sleeves. She has blue jeans and two brown boots that have no markings.

Since she arrived on Mobius, Terina has been scouting to fins new articles of clothing with her friend Ariana. So far, Ariana and Terina have been arguing about two pairs of swimsuits, a black one-piece, and a black bikini two piece.


Terina can be shy when she has to talk to mobians. But when she starts to talk about Alenos you can expect her to open up a great deal, talking about many things she knows about the planet. She's also quite curious and you can find her asking about alot of things, mainly things that remind her of Alenos. Despite what you'd believe, she has a fondness for cute things.

When she gets to know some people she'll become more talkative.


Dusk Terina: When she uses the Dusk Tear, her jacket turns into a cloak with a thundercloud appearing over her, constantly raining. She can use this water to her advantage to form it to any weapon she desires.