Gender: Male

Age: 19

Species: Human

Alignment: Chaotic good

Romantic interest: 





Cousins: Amorphin Tenebrosa, Onichisa Tenebrosa, Ricard Tenebrosa


Somneso has a great deal of physical strength



Somneso bears a striking resemblance to his cousin Amorphin, if only in the facial features and physical build; anywhere else is completely different. His skin color is tan, but lacks any hint of paling as he does almost nothing to keep himself hidden, clothing being the obvious exception. He keeps his hair swept down, though he keeps the bangs neat to make sure that they don't block his vision and eyes. Speaking of which, his eye's sclera is glossy white, his irises purple, and his pupils being black.

Somneso, like his cousin, wears a black jacket. However, instead of the jacket being a mixture of only two colors, his is instead colored three; the jacket also extends to just above his knees as well.  The sleeves of the jacket are colored crimson, with this coloring extending all the way to the shoulders. On the elbows of the jacket are two square patches of slate grey. Under this jacket, he wears a plain grey wifebeater.



Ricardo TenebrosaEdit

Somneso's only ever heard of the young Tenebrosa, and only recently met him. However, Somneso can easily say that teasing Ricardo may very well be one of his most favorite hobbies, if only to see the reaction he would make. However, Somneso is impressed by Ricardo's tenacity and unwillingness to give up a fight, though he's sometimes shocked by the boy's habit of coming up with wisecracks that are better than his own.

Amorphin TenebrosaEdit

Cousins that have spent years apart since their families had left the same home, these two share an intense family rivalry. Amorphin has also shown to be completely disapproving of Somneso's attitude and may often return his own reaction to Somneso's teasing, usually with a backhand to the back of Somneso's head. However, the two acknowledge each other's skills and have proven capable to working together to reach a goal. Their parents have stated that their relationship is similar to that of their fathers' own relationship when they were younger.

Onichisa TenebrosaEdit

Possibly one of the only things that truly terrify Somneso. Onichisa is both capable of returning his jokes in full, and intimidating him, Amorphin, Ricardo, or all three into stopping their antics. However the two maintain a healthy family relationship.