Name: Jessica "Siren" 

Gender: Female

Sexual Orientation: Mostly straight, but has had homosexual urges and (accidental) experiences before

Species: Dragon

Age: Eighteen

R. Interest:





Siren is an AudioKinetic, because of this she is able to manipulate and generate sound to use as she pleases. However, the current and only ability she has that allows her to use these powers is a sonic scream as she still requires training.

Also,being a dragon Siren has wings and is capable of performing flight and various aerial maneuvers. She can combine this skill with her sonic screams to fight.


Siren has silver skin, with a lack of a muzzle. She has six horns on each side of her head, and she has spikes running down the back of her head. She has wings matching her skin tone, and the skin flaps is purple. The tip of her tail is a purple triangle.

She wears a dark blue shirt with a short sleeve on one side and no sleeve on the other, it cuts off at her midriif, exposing her belly. She wears dark brown shorts that cut off at her knees and she has brown boots with light purple on the tip. She also tends to wear two gold bracelets on her wrists.


In her younger years Siren was a rude little girl, talking back to her parents, her friends, and anyone else who tried to give her any sort of discipline. She was also quite a little spoiled, having little to no friends since she usually argued with people who she spoke to., and she could have been seen as a bully.

However, as she got older she started to mellow out as it became clear that if she didn't stop she'd be treated far less than what she expected. She apologized to most of the people she bullies, though some didn't forgive her, and she started to become nicer.

-to be continued-