Revold the Hedgehog is a sinister counterpart to Silver the Hedgehog.


Gender: Male

Species: Hedgehog/ Negative-Mobian

Age: 14

Alignment: Evil


Originally, Revold used to be known as a curious child, always being an active and hyperactive learner, not to mention an avid listener of many of the stories told by the guardians. He was also considered to be a wonderful person, up until his powers developed.

However, when his powers activated he underwent a great change. The stress of this power had cracked his sanity, and had caused him to become somewhat egotistic. He has developed a superiority complex and a hatred of the peaceful society his time had.

It can also be noted that he is quite manipulative and holds only his goals in importance, anything else, he considers "expendable".


Originally Revold shared his appearance with Silver the Hedgehog, with silver fur and yellow eyes, as well as his traditional appearance.

However, after being sent through time, as well, as a brief havoc filled dimensional trek, he encountered his noble counterpart. To distinguish himself from the being he saw as weak he dyed his fur a dirty gold, and used contacts to make his eyes green. He still retains the maple leaf quills on his forehead. He also dyed his chestfur black.

He also switched his gloves and boots from the dark blue boots and cyan ringed gloves to a pair of dark red boots and black gloves with bright red markings, as well as silver cuffs on both of them.


Revold's name is a combination of the most well known names for a gold Silver. Revlis and Gold.

Revold is born from the original alternate universe character concept , he is proceeded by Aurum the Hedgehog who is the original concept.