Gender: Male



Morphis, in his current form, appears as a tall, pale, and extremely gaunt humanoid with masculine features, almost appearing like a skeleton. His arms are separated at the elbow, with his forearms looking as if they are simply floating in position like normal arms. On his right wrist is a black armband, and strapped to his chest is a black diamond-shaped patch. If one looks closely, they'll note that the patch looks to have been bolted to his chest; some sort of black liquid leaks out from behind. Morphis' neck is a bit longer than the normal human's neck. Though the most intimidating thing about him is his face. His face lacks any features, namely a mouth and nose, with the exception of his eyes. He has no eyes, with a deep black hole replacing his left eye; and his right being replaced by a v-shape. The right eye appears to be stitched shut.

However, Morphis had originally been a pale man with neatly cut black hair; dark irises, and a proper black suit. Though it pains him so, this is the appearance he takes when he's not imprisoned.


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As he is imprisoned, a good deal of his power is sealed behind the patch and his sealed eye.


Morphis, despite his gaunt appearance, is a great deal stronger than humans and or other spirits.