Gender: Female

Species: Solian/Hedgehog

Age: 19

Sexual Orientation: Straight, though has questioned herself before.

R. Interest: N/A








Most people who know Marina would often claim that she has no powers to use. However, she often practices water manipulation in her free time and in secret. So far she has learned how to manipulate water, but is still learning how to absorb it, expel it, and create things from it.


Marina has a peach colored muzzle with a lack of fur on both sides, this color of skin extends to the inside of her ears, stomach, and arms. She has turquoise colored fur with no markings, on her skin or fur. Her hair normally reaches to her waist, but she keeps it cut at shoulder length to make sure she keeps it from getting too wild. The sclerae of her eyes are a glossy white, her irises are grey, and her pupils are black.

She wears a yellow t-shirt with no extra colorings. She wears a pair of dark blue pants that also has no coverings. Marina wears a pair of white gloves that has a pink heart each on front of the hand.

Due to her love of water, Marina sw


Trivia Edit

Marina has a strong rivalry with Criss Maroon. Why is unknown.