Gender: Male.


Lucefien resembles a large muscular man, with red scaled skin, with various orange cracks running up his arms. His upper torso is largely uncovered, with only a chain wrapped around his torso. His head is covered by a black hood, with only his full orange eyes peering out of the inky blackness. He has various spikes running down both his left and right wrists. Few have seen into his hood. The lower portion of his body is covered in black tattered trousers, with a hole cut in the rear for his tail to have free motion. On the chain wrapped around his back is a harness that keeps his sword from falling to the ground when not in use. He doesn't wear shoes, as his clawed feet would like ruin them and leave them in tatters. He has a strap on his trouser that allows him to place his handcannon on it when not in use.

When Lucefien wants to be intimidating, his mouth will be illuminated; giving those who look at him a good view of his sharp, jagged teeth.

When assuming his human form, Lucefien will appear to be a muscular man with pale hair, orange eyes, and tall stature. He wears a red sleeveless hoodie, with a black hoodie; a pair of black trousers, grey arm bands, and red shoes. He has a red belt, which symbolizes his other form's tail. His handcannon shrinks down to the size of a magnum. Speaking of hair, his hair is extremely wild, with his bangs only parted to stay out of his view. He has a 5 o'clock shadow, and a tattoo of his eyes on his right bicep.


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Lucefien, being around the same height and build of Fenral, possesses the same amount of physical strength. This strength is what allows him to swing his greatsword, a large single-sided hunk of red and black iron that would take two hands for most other spirits to wield, with one hand. He can perform incredible feats of strength that most could not. This strength is also evident in his lower body, allowing him to leap great heights.

Unfortunately, he's not very agile.


Lucefien's design is inspired by Disturbed. Namely the album cover of the hooded man.

His design is also inspired by various demonic entities.