Species: Fire Snake/

Gender: Male

Age: 100


Kaiyama has a limited control over fire, being able to ensure that the unextinguishable fire on his neck doesn't burn him. He also breaths out fire every now and then to warn those who seek to attack him of their possible demise. However, this is all he can do at the moment.


Kaiyama has burnt red skin, with black markings on his back and at the tip of his tail, these markings meant to resemble scorch marks. His eyes are pure orange with a brightened slit meant to show his iris and pupil. He has a collar of fire around his neck that gives him a look resembling a lion's mane.

Kaiyama rarely shows his face and instead wears a black mask carved out of obsidian, with two large fangs connecting to it, the mask connects to his fiery mane.


Kaiyama is a very solitary person. while most would like to be around friends Kaiyama prefers to remain in his own company.

However, despite this need to be alone he has a very short fuse. Exploding at whomever pushes his buttons, though this only proves to make him seem as a clown to those who witness his outbursts.


It's rare to see Kaiyama on any occasion, except for when he comes out to feed.