Gender: Female

Age: Looks 18

R. Interest: None

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual


Mephisto the Corrupt: Brother 

Cyclonara the Bat: Sister (Cannot stand her)

Ignis the Phoenix: Brother (Despises him, though she's undoubtedly scared to death of him)

Zapplin the Cheetah: Brother (Scared of his "hobbies")

Frostik the Polar Bear: Brother

Kronus the Mole: Brother

Tiderin the Chameleon: Brother


Flasheira has smoky grey scales, which was caused by going into smoke, and a pale white muzzle. She has two antennae that bend backwards due to her abusive lifestyle and past. She has scars on her wrists from being chained up more often than not due to her family abusing her. Her wings are black with yellow colorings on the back that resemble hourglasses. the whites of her eyes are a glossy white, her irises being yellow, and her pupils are black.

Flasheira is often seen wearing a black dress that reached to her knees, she also wears a pair of grey pants.

When Flasheira goes to work she will wear her normal clothes, and most often a labcoat as well as glasses.

And when she goes swimming she can be seen wearing either a red onepiece or a Black Bikini top with a Red Bikini bottom.


Flasheira is much more gentle than pretty much all of her family, with the exception of her brother Mephisto's split personality, Nocturne. However, with this kindness comes a darkness her counterpart Solareana does not have. Flasheira is a little harsh and is surprisingly blunt, though this earns her more respect than fear, which she accepts. She also knows how to defend herself and has a strong sense of pyrophobia, causing her to be scared of most pyrokinetics and anything related to fire.

(Will revise personality)


In truth the glasses she wears to her job are actually her way of seeing when she goes to work as she can't wear her contacts.

It can be said that out of her and her brother Nocturne, Flasheira had the better fate as her brother turned into a corrupt being known as Mephisto as a result of his torture.