Eriso is the Physical incarnation of the Void's rage, angered at the insolence of the Creator for having filled it's precious empty space with the annoying sounds of the living. To this end, Eriso is the Void's way of destroying all the Creator has wrought, held back only by the energy of the Five Primordials.


Gender: None. 'Physical' manifestation appears to be a masculine build however.

Age: Nothing.


Physically, Eriso is predominantly the emptiness of the Void.

However, it's physical manifestation is that of a extremely large abomination that looks to have a melting body. It's body is an inky black, with two tentacles growing out of it's back, and a long wiry tail that serves as it's legs. The inside of it's mouth and eyes appear to be a pale white.


Originally, Eriso had been nothing more than a large living monstrosity of anger. It saw nothing more than the destruction of Creation, seeking only to wipe everything away.