Gender: Male

Age: 19

Species: Hedgehog/Porcupine

R. Interest: -none- 


Father: Unknown(Porcupine)

Mother: Unknown(Hedgehog)

Sister: Criss Maroon


Cross, like his sister, is able to utilize pyro manipulation. However, unlike his sister, Cross is far more adept with it.


Cross has a tan muzzle, with quite a bit of fuzz on both sides. He has smoky grey fur with coal black streaks and markings. He also has a large x-shaped patch of black fuzz on his chest, having no distinct shape or pattern. The whites of his eyes are a glossy white, the irises orange, and his pupils are black.

He wears a 


Cross is who doesn't take randomness well, unlike his sister.

Chaos CrossEdit

While the name has chaos in it, he has no chaos abilities whatsoever and his only form to boot.

Appearance Changes: His fur turns a deep maroon, his eyes turn empty, devoid of any pupils or irises. He develops black markings on his quills, chest, and muzzle. His jacket burns away, and his hands constantly glow a black aura.

Personality Changes: He becomes far more destructive, being vicious and attacking anything that sets off his anger. However Cross appears to have some control over Double C as he's able to get away with little damage when he de-transforms.


His very first design resembled Shadow alot. Now that design is his classic self.

In case you didn't notice, Criss-Cross. Like an X.