Gender: Female

Age: 20

Species: Hedgehog/Porcupine

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual, prefers to be homosexual

R. Interest: None, used to be in a relationship with Sidianite 'til she attempted to drain his life force, now they are enemies.


Cros Marron- Brother


Cris is far more in touch with her inferna soul than Criss is, thus her appearance is a mix between both. Her fur is a dark grey with various red hints of red fur mixing in. She has a grey muzzle with no tinges of fuzz whatsoever. Her hair reaches to her waist, though she keeps it tied up and her bangs look like they're floating. The whites of her eyes are foggy grey, her irises are dark orange, nearly red, and her pupils are black.

Cris wears a torn, black, long sleeve t-shirt with tufts of black fire reaching down to the end of the sleeve, the bottom however is torn to expose her midriff. She wears ruined red jeans that expose her knees and also have black fire reaching down to the bottom of the pantlegs.

When she was younger she looked exactly like Criss did when she was younger, but with the difference of Cris having worn a red dress, dark shoes, and gloves.

also, it can be noted that Cris wears black mascara and lipstick.


Cris also differentiates from Criss with the fact that she is far crueler than Criss could ever hope to be. She is a very cruel person, often posing as a caring person, only to snap and berate her target. She also loves to be manipulative, often joining someone only to further her own goals before she double crosses them and either ditches them or leaves them for dead.

It can also be noted that she is a bit sadistic, often loving to fight or harm anyone she chooses.

Also, Cris tends to be more looser than Criss, often flirting with anyone she sees fit to flirt with, and then using them for either entertainment(in more ways than one), cleaning(as she is lazy as well), and sometimes to leech off of their power to feed her Inferna side.


Cris' last name was inspired from the fact that I had a havit of mispelling Criss and Cross' last names.

To avoid her named being accounced "Chris" Cris has lengthened her full name to Cristy.