Development and CreationEdit

Originally Onychinus was going to be Morpheus' Twin BROTHER..shocking ain't it? She was the third character I had changed from a male to a female, with Tempestra being first, Solareana being second, and Terrea being the fourth (and possibly not last). Eternia was also a male originally, but I forgot if she came before one of the other girls.

Like Morpheus, Onychinus was a somewhat cliche character, but wasn't genetically connected to Shadow. 


Gender: Female

Nickname: Chisa

Age: 16

Alignment: Good

Species: Human

R. Interest: None


Mother: Calliya Tenebrosa

Father: Amarino Tenebrosa

Brother(s): Amorphin Tenebrosa, Rick Tenebrosa


Where her brother has time powers, she has control over water, she can form waves, whips, or shields of water but cannot manipulate her own body to turn into water, nor can she manipulate sweat, or blood. It can also be noticed that she dabbles in magic from time to time. Though she's not really good at it.

Abilities Edit

She also has practiced her skills in gymnastics and can be considered quite agile, though she has much to learn when it comes to anything parkour related. Also, unlike her brother, Onychinus prefers to use a dagger. She's rather good at it.


Onychinus is a silent, but sweet young lady. She's not known for her rather humorous attitude and takes quite a bit from the man her mother works for. She has a love of reading books and can usually be found reading one. If someone gets to know her however, they'll find she's rather sweet and a good person to have as a friend. 

It can also be noted that if she finds a romantic interest in someone she can be a bit shy towards them, as well as having a tendency to stutter. She's not really accustomed to being flirted with either.


Onichisa has tan skin, though without the pale tone her brother Amorphin possesses, and the darker tone her brother Ricardo has. She also lacks the same silver hair color that her brothers, father, and cousin have. She instead has inherited her mother's dark hair coloring. Speaking of her is long enough to reach to the middle section of her back, and she can be often times be seen with her hair being wavy and let down. Though she had not inherited the silver hair, she has inherited the green coloring that her family has, she also has white sclera, and black pupils; though those two coloring are the normal coloring for most people.

She also wears a plain grey t-shirt with light blue sleeves that stops at the top of her pants. Speaking of which she wears a pair of cobalt blue pants with no other colorings. She also wears a pair of grey tennis shoes.


She has a human counterpart named Chius Tetranis.