The Spirit of the Soul, Chasco has existed for as long as the soul has been a concept. When a human dies, it is he that determines that soul's fate. He decides whether it has earned the right of reincarnation or oblivion. To his fortunate relief, very few souls have earned Oblivion.


Gender: Male.

Age: How long has the Soul been a concept?

Purpose: To create, view, and whitewash a soul.


(In order to keep himself separate from Valosel, Chasco wears a black robe with a grey hood. The sleeves of his robe often overtake his hands, keeping them covered; much to his annoyance. On the shoulders of his robes are dark pauldrons, and the middle of his robe is covered in a red sash. The hood itself emits a black aura, hiding his face away from the public eye; more specifically any snoopy spirits. On the back of his robe is a harness meant to connect his two sickles to his back.

Rarely has Chasco's face ever been seen. It's mostly shrouded by the darkness created by his hood.)