The spirit partner of Amorphin Tenebrosa, Charon is not here by his own volition. Sealed away into a weapon by a vengeful group along with the members of a posse he was in, he now has an intense distrust of any human, Amorphin included.


Previously, before he was sealed, Charon had a more human appearance, like most of the spirits once did. He had a full head of black hair, with a few bangs that were fashioned to not cover his eyes. He had pale skin, surprisingly despite the fact that he wore a sleeveless vest. His eyes were the usual human eyes, with the irises being sea-green.

As previously mentioned in the line above, he wore a black sleeveless vest that he rarely ever took off. He had a pair of silver gloves that cut off at the wrist, and he would always be seen wearing a long robe bottom. This all vanished when he was sealed.

After he became sealed, Charon took on a much different form. He is now shrouded in a grey robe. Ironically, he covers up far more than his previous look ever did, meaning his arms and head.


Charon is as empty as the void in his hood. He rarely ever speaks to anyone, usually choosing a few carefully placed words instead to show his own opinion. Also, due to the fact that he was imprisoned, and his friends soon after, Charon has an extreme distrust of humans, as he believes them to be unable of giving compassion of any kind. However, despite this, he does not share the same hatred of them that Mercury does, instead he simply cares not whatever happens to them. He instead prefers to remain in the company of his fellow spirits, though he refuses to remain anywhere in the same location as his former friend, Mercury.

Originially, before he was sealed, Charon was still a quiet person. However, he was somewhat nicer than he currently is now, talking to more people than just the members of the group he had been in at the time.