Gender: Male

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Species: Vampire/Mobian mink

Alignment: Neutral

R. Interest: Baine the Hedgehog


Physically: Eighteen

Chronologically: -unknown-







Daughter: Victoria Youngblood


Bisk has a pale-tan muzzle with a distinct lack of fuzz, and snowy-white fur with no markings to be seen on his physical appearance. If one is able to see his teeth before it clamps down on your neck, you'll discover that he has two canine teeth sharper than the average canine. The whites of his eyes are glossy white, his irises sky-blue, and his pupils black.

He wears a 

Also, if he has to walk out into the sunlight he will wear a black cloak that obscures the top half of his face, leaving only his eyes and muzzle to be seen.

Original Bisk had dark blue fur, with tan skin, and green eyes, with no blue highlights to be seen. He also lacked vampiric fangs. He wore a red t-shirt and blue jeans as well. Of course his appearance has long since changed since he was bitten.


Bisk's a rather kind soul compared to the people he was forced to reside with in another region of the world, namely Scar the Demon. Speaking of Scar, Bisk has a very aggressive rivalry with him and will constantly try to screw with him. He doesn't let this get in the way as he tries his best to thwart or obscure any goals the demon may have in mind.



Baine the Hedgehog: His ally and his lover, Bisk cares greatly for Baine as she was one of the few people he could talk to without being threatened or in danger. She was also sweet to him and he hadn't known that feeling for a long time.

Luna the Revatail Cat: Bisk knows Luna through Baine, and had quite a shock to hear that she was Baine's first, and other current, lover. However as time passed he eventually started to befriend her, especially after seeing how happy she makes Baine. While it is odd for him, he doesn't mind that he shares Baine's time with luna, so long as he knows that Baine is happy. He does make sure however, that the two girls don't get in trouble, namely with a certain someone with black fur and two red markings that look like scars.


Scar the Demon:


Scar the Demon: These two are bitter rivals, most of the time acting as pure opposites. Bisk tries whatever he can to stop Scar whenever he plans something deadly or anything stupid.