Gender: Female

Species: Alenian/Bat

Age: 18

R. Interest: None

Sexual Orientation: Straight









Ariana has a pale muzzle with a clear lack of any fringe,the skin of her ears and wings are also pale white. She has sky-blue fur with a clear lack of highlights and/or markings. Her hair is a bright brown, with four bangs hanging over her face. The whites of her eyes are a glossy white, with her irises being brown, and the irises are black.

She wears a pink dress. She has elbow-length fingerless gloves, that matches the color of her dress, with darker pink trim. She wears rainbow colored socks with boots which are colored pink and white with grey soles. She also wears a pair of shorts under her dress.

Sometimes you'll find Ariana wearing a white t-shirt with blue sleeves, a pair of pink demin jeans, and a set of pink and white tennis shoes.


Ariana tends to be an optimist, and can sometimes act a bit annoying. She hates to see someone suffer and will gain an aura of seriousness until she can make sure that person stops suffering. Also being the descendant of the leader of the original guardians has given Ariana a sense of leadership that she will use to ensure her friends and allies stick together and work well as a team. She also knows when to be serious and will not hesitate in her decisions, though this usually leads to her locking horns with some of her allies and such.



Terina the Mink: Ariana and Terina are the best of friends, growing up together when they were younger.

Towan the Ferret: They don't see eye to eye. However it is known to her that Towan has a bit of a crush on her. It is however, unknown if she gives these feelings back.


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